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Limited Purpose

Welcome to the OFFICIAL Texas Music Marketing site.  We have been proudly operating as a business since 1994 creating and assisting with original music for artists, businesses, couples,  individuals and organizations.  The only 'ringtones' we produce are of original music we have created and/or produced.  Yes, we actually create and produce music, not ringtones.

Although we own the DBA of Texas Music Marketing, we are not currently affiliated with the owner of our former site, www.texasmusicmarketing.com, in any way, shape or form.

Our Mission

To be a leading provider of customized original music that is fun, impactful, meaningful and productive and do it with honor, pride and style while treating our clients with dignity and respect.

Company Profile

About the company

Texas Music Marketing is a sole proprietorship in the suburbs in beautiful Fort Bend County, just west of Houston. George Darsey is the founder and chief operator/engineer/writer for Texas Music Marketing.  Texas Music Marketing has been a registered business with the great State of Texas since 1994.

George has a Bachelor's degree in General Business with a core in Marketing and Music from Sam Houston State University. George has played on stage and in the studio with some of music's top names. Years of business and musical success make George an excellent choice to lead your music project. Solid leadership skills, a creative mind and a positive, solution-based approach always enhance every client's project to it's maximum capability. George Darsey has been writing and producing commercial music since 1983. George is the Organizer for the Houston Musicians Meetup Group and a long time ASCAP member who hires musicians and singers on a subcontracted basis for individual projects.

George is an award-winning musician, songwriter and salesman.  The perfect combination to oversee your audio advertising needs.

About the Music

Music, when combined with powerful lyrics, can be a powerful tool when used consistently and professionally. Without naming any particular ad, we've ALL had a Jingle melody stuck in our head at some point. To many, it's bigger than any other sensory perception and should be memorable and pleasant or impactful in some fashion, leaving the listener with a memorable or positive attitude toward the target.

We offer the full package of commercial music services. We produce a musical signature that is unique to our client, build a theme around that signature that fits the client's business personality and produce a demo version. Next we choose the right musicians and vocalists for the project, produce it professionally and tailor it for multiple uses, based on the client's budget. Some of those uses include:

1. Cable, Radio and Television
2. The internet (Music can be loaded automatically with a page or as a download)
3. On-Hold
4. Ring Tones for Cellular phones
5. In-store music. Popular in retail establishments

We have produced commercial music for companies like Tyson Foods, Imperial Sugar, Petals Florist, Corporate Express for Compaq Computers, Epic Special Events for the City of Houston's 'FunDay in the Park' program, Six Flags Astroworld, MediaComm, Cutshaw Chevrolet, Highsmith Builders and many, many others.

We've produced On-Hold packages for a variety of clients.

We've produced Personalized Love Songs for numerous couples from all walks of life.

We have worked on the phone and online with people we've never even met to help them complete and produce their music and people have come from out of state to work with us.

We provide our clients with an update of the progress of our efforts via mp3 files so that they can monitor the process and give feedback and input to us during the creation and production of the project.

We are happy when our client is happy.

Nice stuff that people have to say about us

Elise Lanier,  wife of former Houston Mayor Bob Lanier writes:

"Dear George:

Bob and I just left the FunDay kick-off at Hogg Middle School. When we came home, Bob was sitting back in his chair relaxed and he said, 'That was so wonderful, it makes me want to do more for everybody.'

On behalf of both of us, we thank you so much for your generosity with this program. We think it is one of the best programs the City has ever had. We love it!

Thank you very much for being involved.

As always,

Elyse Lanier"



Contact Information

Postal address
By appointment only
Electronic mail
General Information: tmm@txmusicmarketing.com
Sales: tmm@txmusicmarketing.com
Webmaster: tmm@txmusicmarketing.com


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